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be part of something big - share your Reiki journey with like-minded people

Wherever you are in your Reiki journey, from newbie to Reiki Master, whether you would like to receive or learn Reiki, there is a group for you. Joining a like-minded group will support you in your Reiki journey, where you can share your experiences, inspire other and be motivated and supported to achieve your life goals. 

By practicing Reiki or learning Reiki regularly in a group will increase your self-awareness of energies and raise your energy vibration, making you more intuitive and you will think and feel more positive attracting amazing life experiences and people. 

reiki chia STARS FOR newbieS

The Reiki Stars group is a great place to start, where you will be with a group receiving Reiki and working on yourself. You will have weekly Reiki sessions. This is a step up from the Gifted Reiki sessions. 

Monday evenings at 6pm

learning reiki

If you know you would like to learn Reiki, you can go on the Reiki Chia programme for Reiki Healers. If you are completely new, you can start at Reiki Level 1. Or, if you have been attuned, you can join a group suitable for you.


If you are a coach, therapist or professional that works with clients, you may want to add Reiki to your services. There is a monthly therapist group that meets to share best practice and looks at relevant business topics to help you increase your revenue stream by adding Reiki

The Reiki Chia Programme

Unique. Transformational. Motivational

The Reiki Chia programme is for anyone who would like to learn Reiki and join a supportive community throughout your Reiki journey. No matter what level you are at, from newbie to Reiki Master Teacher, you can join a group suitable for you. The groups are there for you to discuss learnings, practice Reiki regularly, manage your energy, add value and share your experiences to a like-minded group. 

Receiving Reiki 

Weekly 121


Learning Reiki 

Reiki Chia

Master Teachers Group

Reiki Level 3

Master Teacher

Advance Reiki Stars

Reiki Sacred Symbols Group

Gifted Reiki for everyone

Reiki Level 2

Reiki Stars

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Healers Group

New to Reiki

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