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Affirmations you can use: 

- I trust my inner knowing 

- I have infinite wisdom

- I am thankful for my wisdom

Colour to wear to activate your connection to wisdom: Purple

What a powerful card to get

This card indicates you have a great connection to wisdom and you tend to have an inner knowing about a person's character, what happens next and making good decisions. Be aware of wisdom that will come to you, that inner knowing and remember to trust it and listen. Carry the card around to remind you to trust your wisdom and inner knowing

The purple colour is associated with our sahasrara (crown chakra), which is our energy centre that is linked with wisdom, knowledge and spiritual connection

If you tend to feel confused or feel blocked when it comes to mindset , you may have an imbalanced crown chakra. Working with Chia can help you clear these blockages. Feel your powerful and positive self again with Reiki Chia. Without change, things will remain the same.

If you would like to try Reiki, sign up for the Reiki Chia newsletter here. To book a session with Chia, click below:


I am Chia, Director of Positive Energy

I work with people and companies to transform their positive energies, freeing them from negativity from others, to take their power back through Reiki, energy scanning and coaching. 

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Chia was absolutely brilliant. She instantly made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend giving Reiki a try with Chia"


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