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Affirmations you can use: 

- I speak my truth

- Everyone who I come into contact with wants to listen to what I have to say

- I can say no and I set clear boundaries

Colour to wear to activate your communication and creativity: Blue

What a powerful card to get

This card indicates you have a lot to say, and it is important for you to assert yourself and stand up for what you believe it. Carry the card around to remind you to speak your truth and what you say is powerful and inspires people around you.

The blue colour is associated with our vishuddha (throat chakra, also known as the heart centre), which is our energy centre that is linked with communication, creativity and freedom of expression.

If you are keep your feelings in, talk too much or generally suffer from sore throats, you may have an imbalanced throat chakra. Working with Chia can help you clear these blockages. Feel your powerful and positive self again with Reiki Chia. Without change, things will remain the same.

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I am Chia, Director of Positive Energy

I work with people and companies to transform their positive energies, freeing them from negativity from others, to take their power back through Reiki, energy scanning and coaching. 

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Chia was absolutely brilliant. She instantly made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend giving Reiki a try with Chia"


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