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121 Reiki Healing Sessions

How would it feel to have a Reiki healing session just personal to you? Imagine the Reiki bringing about amazing changes within you that go beyond your dreams

Reiki is very intuitive and will always work towards your highest good. By having a 1-to-1 session, you will be working with Chia to look at what you want to achieve from the Reiki and follow a programme or regular Reiki sessions to achieve it. We can look at positive thinking, less stress, reducing anxiety, dealing with life challenges or whatever it is you need to look at. You can talk as much or as little as you want. Reiki does not require you to discuss your problems, which works great for people who feel uncomfortable talking. 




mental health







High, Positive Energy

love reiki


shift your mindset to a positive one

strong mind


You will be personally guided to help ground and protect your energy, which prepares you for receiving Reiki. Then, Reiki will be sent towards you. You may feel warmth, coldness, tingling and go into a light trance state. Or, you may see visuals or colours. 

All you need to do is stay relaxed and open to Reiki. 


Sian K

Chia is a very talented and gifted healer and her Reiki sessions are deliciously relaxing and blissful. Her sessions are always professional, safe, positive, and restorative. A wonderful gift to receive on a Sunday night. Thank you so very much


Andy D

Every now and then you come across someone who has an exceptionally special gift, Chia is that person. Her Reiki sessions have helped me for many years, producing amazing results even if I have not been able to attend in person. The difference they make are remarkable and always delivered with a smile, in-depth knowledge and upmost professionalism. I can not recommend Chia highly enough.

Rodrigo A

There is no words that can describe how Chia and her Reiki session has helped me mentally and physically.

Me and my partner do it together and it’s just incredible how this has helped us grow as individuals. It makes us so calm and full of energy for the week. Reiki has helped us through lockdown and it also has helped us to let go of fears and see life in a different way.


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