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Chia Oh website banner_edited.jpg

Yes? I am Chia, an intuitive coach that can read your energy, to help you feel lighter, more aligned with yourself and get back into your full power. I help people who feel highly stressed, drained in energy and feel ready to make a change. I do this through Reiki, hypnotherapy and transformational coaching with over 20 years of experience.

Overwhelmed, tired, anxious or stressed? Stuck in a rut? Have recurring symptoms? Feel you need a change?

Study with Chia

If you are ready to unlock your healer potential, I can take you from Reiki newbie to powerful Reiki Master Teacher so that you can heal yourself and change the world

Work with Chia

If you do not feel yourself, tired, stressed and overworked, I work with people to get them feeling themselves again and more positive. I have helped people in highly stressful careers or going through divorces or traumatic break-ups. 

What is Reiki and what Reiki can do for you

Reiki is a type of positive energy therapy. It is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force energy. You can read more about it in my blog.  

In this video, I explain what is Reiki and what Reiki can do for you. I also go onto talk about what you may feel or see during a session and tell you how you can try this energy healing for yourself. Please remember to like and subscribe to the Reiki Chia channel [You Tube]

Enjoy! X



Ros, Soul & Spirit Editor

One of the best Reiki healers I've ever come across. Her guidance completely changed my outlook on the life I was living


Sian, Senior Coach

Chia is a very talented and gifted healer and her Reiki sessions are deliciously relaxing and blissful. Her sessions are always professional, safe, positive, and restorative"


Amy, Chemistry Teacher

Reiki Level 1 course with Chia - fantastic course! Even in a virtual setting Chia still manages to offer a warm and personal approach combined with a huge amount of experience and wisdom. 


If you work in a highly pressured and stressful work environment, and care for the wellbeing of your employees


For companies, Reiki Chia offers a range of experiences and talks. Here are a few examples and Reiki Chia can also design bespoke webinars and seminars to fit around your business:

  • The Reiki Chia experience

  • Mindfulness

  • Boost your Energy

  • Power of Intention

  • Bespoke sessions (121 or group sessions)

To find out more, please visit the 'Reiki Chia Corporate' page or contact me at

Chia Oh, Director, Reiki Chia

Working with Corporates

Corporates worked with include:

VolkerWessels logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Association of Apprentices logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Chartered Institute of Building CIOB logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Skills4Stem logo - worked with Reiki Chia

Speaker . Writer . Healer . Coach

I am so passionate about mental health, particularly within the workplace. I want to share the power of positive energy with the world to make it a happier and peaceful place raising its vibration. I love to speak, write and educate people about how to make their energy positive, transform themselves and how to clear their mind to help them feel focused, happier and lighter.   

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If you would have any questions or would like to discuss where you are at, book in a friendly chat with me. We can have a virtual tea/ coffee. I absolutely love herbal teas!

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