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What is the best way to learn Reiki - in person or online?

When you are drawn to Reiki and want to learn it, this is called your Reiki calling. You can usually feel it like it is a strong inner feeling and now you feel ready to unlock your powerful, healing potential. You want to learn more about Reiki, clear old patterns and energy blockages and help others.

At Reiki Chia, you can learn either in person or online. In person would usually be at Colchester, Essex (UK) or you can learn online, as a home study course. Both formats have exactly the same content. The only major difference is the in-person course will have you receive Reiki, as part of the practice, and for the home study course, this is not possible. However, to try Reiki yourself, you can book in with Chia for a session or go to your local Reiki practitioner.

  • Learning in person - this is the most popular format because you will get a hands-on experience. This is the traditional way to learn Reiki, as that was the case a hundred years ago when Usui had his own Reiki organisation and taught students. At Reiki Chia, courses are held on set dates and can be in a group setting with other students at Colchester, Essex. Please check the website for the next date.

  • Learning online - this is great if you would like to start immediately and like to learn online at your own pace. The Reiki Chia level 1 course takes around 5 hours to complete. The course are mainly videos and will take you through practical exercises to self-Reiki and heal others

Here are some factors to consider when deciding which format is good for you:

Hands on guidance and immediate feedback

If you like learning in person and would benefit from immediate feedback to address any of your questions, the in-person course would suit you


If you would like to start immediately and become a Reiki healer as soon as possible, learning online is a good option


The in person course tends to be held in Colchester, Essex. This may require you to travel a short or long distance, depending on where you live, and may require an overnight stay. For other locations, please email Chia, as this can be arranged at an additional cost. If Colchester (UK) is not convenient for you to get to, the online course is for you, as you can learn online in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world.


Budget is another factor to consider. Online courses are relatively cheaper than an in-person course. If you find the in-person course expensive, it is worth reframing it and seeing it as an investment in yourself because you will have an ability to channel Reiki for life, that is priceless.

Being a Reiki practitioner

If you would like to become a Reiki practitioner and get paid for doing Reiki, Reiki Level 2 is known as the 'practitioner' level. You may also note if you plan to be a member of the UK Reiki federation, then they only recognise 'in person courses'. However, learning online can make. you just as good of a Reiki healer than learning in person. Both formats will give you a Reiki Level 1 certificate, which you can use to get public liability insurance.

Conclusion: When deciding on the best way to learn Reiki, consider your personal circumstances, learning preferences, and available resources. Online courses gives you the opportunity to learn immediately and offers flexibility and convenience. Whereas, in-person classes is the most traditional method and provide hands-on guidance and immediate feedback

Ultimately, the choice between learning Reiki online or in-person depends on what you prefer. What does your intuition tell you is best for you. If you have now decided, which Reiki course is for you, please book the in-person course or start the online course now.

Still undecided, please book in a call with me [my calendar] or sign up for the 'Learning Reiki guide'

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About Chia: I have taught hundreds of students Reiki Level 1 from around the world. The key for me is to give every student the confidence to be a powerful Reiki healer. I also offer one-to-one Reiki Level 1 courses, where you can learn in person or over Zoom. Please book in a call with me [my calendar] for more information.

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