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About Reiki Chia

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the reiki chia vision:

Creating a peaceful, happy and positive world through the power of reiki

I am a powerful and intuitive Reiki Master, who has a vision to create a happy, positive and peaceful world through the power of Reiki. I believe Reiki should be a part of everyone's wellbeing through education and sharing this positive and high energy. ​​

I work on 1:1 sessions, book clubs, group work, online and face-to-face workshops. All my programmes are designed to achieve your best self. Book in for a 20 minute complimentary consultation and we can discuss your needs [please click here to book].

I was born and raised in London, UK, and my heritage is Malaysian Chinese. After graduating in Business Studies and completing my CIM marketing diploma, I went travelling round-the-world where I discovered Reiki in Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand. On my return to London, I learnt Reiki from a famous, international palm reader and since then, it has been an amazing journey. 

I have been a Reiki Master since 2010, an have taught students from around the World, at the North West College of London and at my home in Colchester, Essex, UK - who I live with my teenage daughter. 

"Reiki has opened doors for me, which it will for you when you start the Reiki journey" 

Chia, Reiki Master

Reiki is a Mastery

For me, Reiki is a practice, just like yoga and meditation. It is a way of life, a mastery, which takes you on a journey. Reiki has helped me through the good times and bad times. When I was young, I was fascinated by the world and would go to the library and scour book shops on anything to do with 'phenomenon'. I was in love with the World and always loved to help and teach people. Reiki found me in my difficult times, when I was stressed during GCSEs and as I was finding myself during my travels round the world. 


I love how Reiki just calls you, you stumble across it and  takes you where you need to go. Reiki may leave you for a while, but it will always come to you when you need it. After graduating, I worked in the corporate world, which I found stressful and high pressured. Learning Reiki helped me through the difficult times with work, relationships, my pregnancy and it gave me my power. It helped me speak my truth and fight for what is right and it unlocked my power, which we all have within us. 

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