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My story

My story of transformation with Reiki and Hypnotherapy: from having no voice to finding my voice

As a child, I was always interested in anything out of the ordinary, such as ghosts, UFOs and 'phenomenon', like spontaneous combustion. I also was very quiet in school and had no confidence to speak out in class. I felt I had nothing to say and that my opinion didn’t count. I experienced Reiki at the age of fifteen. Thinking that nothing happened, something profound starts to open up within me. I start to have this growing self-confidence, I start being me and soon after, I grew in popularity and I begin to speak out in class. By the time I went to university, from this quiet child, I am elected as year representative and I speak in lectures in front of 200 students and advise lecturers on how to improve their lecturing styles for the students. 


After I graduated, I find myself in relationships and in a career, where I do not have a voice. I am losing myself. I suffer from recurring tonsillitis because I’m constantly run down, working all hours and I literally lost my voice. I rediscover Reiki, where I become a healer, but I’m keeping it a secret, because people around me are not accepting it, and I feel ashamed. 


I go on a journey to find myself again, using Reiki, and I discover hypnotherapy. I see the power of it and how it is life-transforming in breaking habits and changing behaviour, so I train as a hypnotherapist. I start to work on myself and find my voice again. I start public speaking again in my career. Then, in covid, I do something really brave. I put myself out there and offer to talk about Reiki openly and offer group sessions in the company I was working for at the time, VolkerWessels - a multi-national construction and civil engineering contractor. I think perhaps 5 people may sign up for the class and I am amazed that 70 people are on the Teams call, not even having tried Reiki. They trust me. I do the class and in the chat box, people are telling me that they could see colours, they felt warmth, some saw power animals and someone felt they were levitating. 


And, now I go into corporates, like Allianz, The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and Association of Apprentices to speak about my passion, wellbeing.

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I help people and companies to reduce stress and transform anxiety and fear to extraordinary confidence, in public speaking, or post-divorce. If you are struggling and you feel stuck, book a call with me and we can see if we make a great fit!

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