Are you looking for wellbeing solutions for your workforce?

According to the UK workplace survey (2020), 79% have work-related stress. That is a lot of stress! 55% of them experience anxiety and almost half lose sleep due to work-stress


How great would it be for staff to feel more positive, more focused, reporting good night's sleep and better health increasing productivity and working days?

For companies, Reiki Chia offers:

  • Lunchtime seminars

- Energy Management

- Boost your Energy

- Stress Release

- Mental Health & Wellbeing 

- Mindfulness

  • Meditation Classes

  • Reiki Workshops

  • Reiki Classes

  • 121/ Group Sessions (face-to-face or over MS Teams)

Please contact Chia or book a consultation [calendar] to discuss your organisation's needs.

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As well as being a Reiki Master Teacher, Chia has worked in the construction industry, professional services industry, retail including major corporate and SMEs. This includes VolkerFitzpatrick, the CIOB, KPMG and British Airways. 


Chia is an intuitive Reiki Healer Master Teacher, Accredited Meditation Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Writer. She has featured in the Soul & Spirit magazine and Natural Health magazine, and spoken at the Chartered Institute of Building and Association of Apprentices, as well as run workshops and classes for companies. 

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Glass Buildings


I have found the Reiki sessions immensely important as a means to alleviate the pressures of the working week, which have increased during the pandemic.

I strongly recommend the sessions because they also promote a special unity between all participants, as the sessions are attended by colleagues from across the whole VWUK Group of businesses


Simon Gallagher,

Commercial Director


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Gin and Tonic

I had never done Reiki before, and didn’t really know what to expect.

I find the experience incredibly calming, just what I need after a day chained to the same desk, within the same four walls.

Chia’s sessions provide a little tonic to the ‘lockdown blues’

Dave, Senior Planner

I honestly look forward to mid-week Reiki so much, it gives me half an hour each week where I can just be still and quiet amid the tornado we find ourselves in at the moment and all the uncertainty that creates.


Reiki for me is like taking one big cleansing inhale and exhale, it’s a weekly re-set, and I’m so thankful to Chia for continuing to share her wonderful skills and calming power with us each week.


Rebecca, Social Value Advisor

Relaxing with Music


If you are looking to unwind after work, find calm and balance and more energy, Reiki Chia will be launching Reiki Wednesdays, where you can connect with like-minded people and have Reiki for 45 minutes every week after work. To sign up, click the button below!

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