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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious? You feel your situation, other people or even yourself are holding yourself back? You are looking for change, a transformation and need more positivity in your life. 


You have come to the right place. I work with clients that know instinctively they need a change and cannot continue the way they are. Reiki can help to clear energy blockages, work on trauma or physical ailments, so that you feel back to your positive-self, feeling confident, happy and ready to take on the world. 

Reiki and transformational packages



When you work with me, you will first have an initial consultation where you can share how you feel and what you would like to achieve. The Reiki session will start immediately after, where I will scan your energy flow and chakras (energy centres) for blockages or imbalances. I am always intuitively drawn to the chakras you need the most work on, and will Reiki you there. 

After the session, we discuss your Reiki experience. Whether you have another Reiki session or not, a follow-up chat about your progress is included. 

One Reiki Chia session (£125)- recommended for you to try Reiki or if you need a one-off energy boost

The Power of 3 package (£350) - If there is a particular issue you'd like to deal with, such as feeling drained, negative mindset, low confidence, addiction, break-up or recent divorce, choose this package to get you feeling to yourself within a month. We will work together using coaching, Reiki and maybe hypnotherapy.

Optimum 7 transformational package (£775)

This is for when you would like to work on a deep issue, such as childhood trauma or breaking out of deep-rooted patterns, using Reiki, hypnotherapy and transformational coaching, within 3 months.  

Reiki Therapy Maintenance package - £100 - either every fortnight/ month

After choosing one of the above packages, you may want to continue with Reiki regularly. This is great for dealing with everyday life, when different challenges arise and a Reiki or coaching session can help you, with ongoing support in between. This could be helping you to shift your mindset, relationship worries, ongoing work issues, stress and anxieties​

Not sure about which package to take?, please book a free call with me [Reiki Chia calendar] - and we can discuss your options

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What happens in a
Reiki Chia session 

Perhaps you would like a Reiki session, but you are not sure what to expect. This video tells you what happens in a Reiki Chia session, or you can read about it here [blog].

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Ros, Soul & Spirit Editor

One of the best Reiki healers I've ever come across. Her guidance completely changed my outlook on the life I was living


Liz, Natural Health 

Chia was absolutely brilliant. She instantly made me feel at ease and I experienced lots of different colours and feelings during the experience. I would definitely recommend giving Reiki a try with Chia


Marisa, Ultiva Health Director

Chia has great intuition and really understands energy. A session of Reiki with Chia was extremely relaxing and I could totally feel the energy moving through me. I cannot recommend Chia enough.

Meet Reiki Chia

You know something needs to change and your intuition is telling you to explore Reiki. You can change your life in an instant! - book a free chat with me and find out what your next steps are. 

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Chia is a powerful and intuitive Reiki Master that wants to get you to where you want to be through the power of Reiki

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