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How great would it be to feel and think positive all the time? To be full of uplifted energy? And, to deal with life in a more calm and balanced way?

I work on 1:1 sessions, book clubs, Reiki classes, online and face-to-face workshops. All my programmes are designed to achieve your best self. 

Ros, Editor of Soul & Spirit, booked in an exploratory Reiki session. in Colchester, Essex, UK. If you live far, you can also book an online Reiki session. To book your session or Reiki package, please book here

Positive Energy and Connection

Better Sleep and Relaxation

Balance and Calm

Resilience and Strength

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"By having Reiki goodness in your life, you will be a positive energy for yourself and everyone around you"


Founder of Reiki Chia

Exploratory Reiki session

This session can be done face-to-face in my Reiki room in Colchester, Essex, UK or online. 

You will have a consultation, where we will look at what you are trying to achieve and how Reiki can be used to work with you. From then, you can choose a Reiki Chia package.

Reiki Chia package

Depending on what you need, I

can tailor a 4, 7 or 12 week package to achieve your goals.


This is fantastic for positive mindset, money mindset, kicking a habit or kick starting a healthy lifestyle. The sessions will be online and use Reiki and hypnotherapy techniques.

Reiki Wednesdays

Imagine after a long day at work and relaxing for 45 minutes after in Reiki bliss and feeling balanced and calm afterwards. I will be launching Reiki Wednesdays soon. To join in, click the button below!

All the Reiki Goodness You Can Get



“I really look forward to the sessions each week, which are definitely a high point, and assist with any difficulties I am experiencing. "

I always feel so much more relaxed and have great sleep.  I definitely look forward to the sessions. Each session becomes more intense.  

"I tend to feel warmth and cold, and, sometimes pressure on different areas of my body. The colours I see vary and change throughout the experience. Generally, I feel much more at ease after a session and I seem to nod off towards the end. "

"I have felt more relaxed, energised, motivated, more positive. Generally, I feel so much more relaxed afterwards and sleep well. I really liked it! "


Reiki is a fantastic way to achieve your life goals and purpose, and it helps you relax, give you space for self-care and love and it is a therapy that requires none, little or as much talking as you want. 


Reiki is a Japanese word for ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. It is an ancient form of energy healing and is channelled by a Reiki healer, usually through their hands. Reiki can be channelled in person and remotely. 

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 Change your life in an instant

You are drawn to Reiki for a reason and you are wondering what is next for you.


Change your life in an instant! - book a free consultation and find out what your next Reiki steps are. We can talk about your Reiki journey so far, what you are looking to achieve and how you can go about it through the power of Reiki

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Chia is a powerful and intuitive Reiki Master that wants to get you to where you want to be through the power of Reiki