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Learn Reiki

Wherever you are in your Reiki journey, I will take you from Reiki newbie to confident and powerful Reiki Master Teacher. There are 3 levels to get you there. Watch the video or click on Levels 1 to 3 to find out more below.


Reiki Level 1

This is for Reiki beginners. Become a Reiki healer in a day, where you can heal yourself, others and feel on top of the world, as your energy and psychic channels open up. 


Reiki Level 2

How awesome would it be to Reiki heal your friends/ family/ clients across your town/ the World? You will be attuned to and learn 3 Reiki Sacred Symbols. The group will have discussions and distance healing sessions.


Reiki Level 3

Imagine having your energy elevated, your peacefulness increased and teaching Reiki healing courses. Whether you wish to teach Reiki or not, the Reiki Master Teacher course will give you all what you need to master Reiki for life. 


Ashvi, Colchester

I booked a 121 session and Chia instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed.


Amy, London, UK

Even in a virtual setting Chia still manages to offer a warm and personal approach combined with a huge amount of experience and wisdom. 


Alex, London, UK

I would highly recommend Chia for your journey with Reiki. You won't be disappointed.


My name is Chia

I have helped hundreds of students from around the world achieve their Reiki levels. Confidence, for me, is the number one key to my courses. The courses are designed to unlock your powerful, healing potential, learn more about Reiki and manage your energy to stop you feeling drained by others. If you are ready, explore the levels above, depending on where you are on your Reiki journey.  

If you would are still not sure about where to start, please book a free, friendly chat with me, and we can talk about your Reiki journey and next steps.

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