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Learn Reiki 

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Have you got a calling for Reiki and you just know that you have a purpose to help others? 

You are here for a reason and I would love to support you on your Reiki journey. 

My name is Chia and I am a Reiki Intuitives Educator. I design and teach Reiki courses for positive energies and intuitives taking them on their Reiki journey anywhere from Reiki Newbie to Powerful and Intuitive Reiki Master - through the Reiki Chia programme. 

The Reiki Chia Mastery Programme

This programme takes you from complete Reiki beginner to powerful and confident Reiki Master Teacher to master Reiki for life. There are 3 levels and each Reiki Level is supported by a Reiki Chia group, which enhances your learning and motivates you to practice Reiki regualarly. You can join the Reiki Chia programme at any level - whether you are a newbie or have been attuned elsewhere

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Meet Chia

You are here for a reason! The Reiki Chia programme is ideal for intuitives, people with positive energies, lightworkers and empaths.

To get updates on learning Reiki, make sure you sign up for the Reiki Chia newsletter (tick 'learn Reiki')

If you do have any questions, please book in some time with me for a date/ time convenient for you

Online and face-to-face attunements

Learn online or in person

Can join the Reiki Chia programme at any level

Join Reiki Chia groups to enhance learning

Get ready to heal yourself and the World!


Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Chia Healers Group

Become a Reiki healer, where you can heal yourself, others and feel on top of the world, as your energy and psychic channels open up. The group will continue with the Reiki Level 1 practices and learnings with continued support


Reiki Level 2 & Reiki Chia Sacred Symbols Group

How awesome would it be to Reiki heal your friends/ family/ clients across your town/ the World? You will be attuned to and learn 3 Reiki Sacred Symbols. The group will have discussions and distance healing sessions.

Reiki Level 3 & Reiki Chia Masters Teacher Group

Imagine having your energy elevated, your peacefulness increased and teaching Reiki healing courses. Whether you wish to teach Reiki or not, the Reiki Master Teacher course will give you all what you need to master Reiki for life. 


Get ready to heal the World!

Amy, Teacher

Reiki Level 1 course with Chia - fantastic course! Even in a virtual setting Chia still manages to offer a warm and personal approach combined with a huge amount of experience and wisdom. Would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Reiki.


Victoria, Admin

Chia creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I enjoyed learning the symbols and practising using them during a healing. Ended course feeling empowered

Need a chat before you book?

If you have questions or would like to talk about your Reiki journey so far and explore your next steps, book in a free 30 minute call with me. You can change your life in an instant and press the button!

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I can get you anywhere from Reiki Newbie to Powerful and Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher.  

Chia x

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