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Father and Son

Get back to your confident and positive self after divorce

Going through divorce, whether amicable or not, can be really tough on your mental health. You can feel depressed, anxious, resentful and even angry. These emotions are all normal. If you feel beaten down by divorce and looking to get back to your positive and confident self, and begin a new you, book a call with me to get your journey started!

Adam's story

Adam, Sales Manager from London, came to me as he felt at a low. He was usually very confident and positive, enjoying life. Two years on from his divorce and changes at work, this caused his confidence to hit a low and it took him 5 attempts to reach out to me. I could see he lost his spark and I could also see how hypnotherapy with Reiki could get him back to extraordinary confidence again. After his first session, he went from feeling fearful to feeling optimistic and positive about life and work. Adam became more mindful and positive about the future. His sleepless nights became few and had good night's sleep - the best in 2 years and feeling good each morning. 

Book a call with me

If you are ready to step into extraordinary confidence on stage, book a call with me and we can discuss your story and look at how we can work together. 

Working with me - the synergy of Hypnotherapy and Reiki

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I work with a lot of clients, who have been divorced, and help them get from feeling anxious and fearful to positive about themselves and life again, using hypnotherapy and Reiki. Whilst never been married, I have been through traumatic relationships and break-ups, and have done healing work on myself to feeling on the floor to positive and confident again. I understand the empath-narcissist dynamic, as I am an empath too. 

If you are ready for a positive change, book in a call and we can see how we can work together. 

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