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Lunchtime Reiki at Skills4Stem Limited

Work with Chia

According to the UK workplace survey (2020), 79% of employees have work-related stress. That is a lot of stress! 55% of them experience anxiety and almost half lose sleep due to work-stress. 

I work with people and companies that work in high-pressured work environments that are highly stressed and in need of positive changes. I do this by speaking to employees about wellbeing and give them techniques they can use to reduce stress and feel more focused to increase productivity and boost morale. 

Having worked in corporate, I have a professional, yet calm and uplifting approach in my delivery of webinars, seminars and workshops. I create bespoke programmes for corporates that care about their employees' mental health and wellbeing. Chat with me to find out more! 

Corporates that have worked with Reiki Chia


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Association of Apprentices logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Action Coach - working with Reiki Chia
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Bespoke Group & Individual Sessions

How great would it be for staff to feel more positive, more focused, reporting good night's sleep and better mental health increasing productivity and working days?

For corporates, Reiki Chia offers a range of experiences and talks. Here are a few examples of topics that can be designed to bespoke webinars and seminars to fit around your business :

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The Reiki Chia Experience - the most popular talk - talks about what is stress, how Reiki can release stress and shares the Reiki experience with an interactive session. Great for connecting with your colleagues, improving wellbeing and creating a topic that's talked about in the office.

Mindfulness - a hot topic in today's workplace - this can be in a form of a meditation class on how to meditate, or a talk about what is mindfulness and its benefits with a group experience. Excellent for relaxation in a high-pressured workplace.

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Power of Intention.jpg

Boost your energythis talk gives your employees practical tips on how they can increase their energy in high pressured work environments

Power of Intention - the power of the mind is strong. This talk will show your employees how intention can change their mindset and attitude to life and work and includes an interactive workshop. 

Bespoke corporate sessions - Bespoke sessions around wellbeing, high performance and reducing stress/ anxiety can be designed to meet the needs of the business and individuals. This can include a half day, full day, 121s for your senior management team or individual employees, or group sessions over MS Teams or in person. 

Please contact Chia or book a consultation [calendar] to discuss your organisation's needs.


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Simon Gallagher
Commercial Director

VolkerRail logo - worked with Reiki Chia

I have found the Reiki sessions immensely important as a means to alleviate the pressures of the working week, which have increased during the pandemic.

I strongly recommend the sessions because they also promote a special unity between all participants, as the sessions are attended by colleagues from across the whole VolkerWessels UK Group of businesses

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Association of Apprentices logo - worked with Reiki Chia

Chia has great intuition and really understands energy. A session of Reiki with Chia was extremely relaxing and I could totally feel the energy moving through me.


I cannot recommend Chia enough.

Marisa Matos
Ultiva Health

Chia gave a great introduction to what reiki is and how it works before leading us through a session. Her professional and calm approach put everyone at ease and even after one session we were amazed at how relaxed and light we all felt.


I’d highly recommend Chia to anyone who is curious about Reiki and how it might help them find some calm in a busy world

Fiona Burford
Operations Director
Association of Apprentices

What Corporates have to say

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As well as being a Reiki Master Teacher, I have worked in high-pressured industries, including construction, professional services and finances. This includes VolkerFitzpatrick, the CIOB, KPMG and British Airways. 

My style is professional, yet calm and uplifting. I am a certified Reiki Healer Master Teacher, Accredited Meditation Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Writer. I have featured in UK national magazines, including Soul & Spirit magazine and Natural Health magazine, and spoken at the Chartered Institute of Building and Association of Apprentices, as well as run workshops and classes for corporates.

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About Chia

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If you are looking to unwind after work, find calm and balance and more energy, Reiki Chia will be launching Reiki Wednesdays, where you can connect with like-minded people and have Reiki for 45 minutes every week after work. To sign up, click the button below!

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