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Wellbeing talks delivered in a calm,
yet uplifting way for your staff

There is a lot of stress in the corporate world. According to the UK workplace survey (2020), 79% of employees have work-related stress and 55% of them experience anxiety and almost half lose sleep. 

So, the good news is I am here to help promote wellbeing in your company. I work with companies, particularly with high-pressured work environments, taking employees from stress and near burnout to calm, laser-focused and motivated, through talks online and in person. 

How to get started with me

The best way to get started is to complete the corporate booking form, so that I can tailor a bespoke wellbeing event or series of wellbeing events for you. I can then send you a quote. If you prefer, you can book a call with me and we can discuss your company's needs. 

Choose from webinars, lunch and learns and 121 sessions


Choose your topics:

  • Reiki Chia Experience

  • Mindfulness

  • Practical tips for Less Stress

  • Extraordinary confidence group hypnotherapy

  • Public Speaking Confidence programme

  • Boost your Energy

  • Menopause Wisdom

  • Reiki Workshops

  • Learn self-hypnosis

  • And, more!

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Corporate Wellbeing events!

Happy clients include:

Action Coach - working with Reiki Chia
Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Skills4Stem logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Soul and Spirit Magazine logo - worked with Reiki Chia
Tru East Alliance logo - worked with Reiki Chia
College of North West London CNWL logo - worked with Reiki Chia

Fiona Burford
Operations Director

Association of Apprentices logo - worked with Reiki Chia

"I'd highly recommend Chia to anyone who is curious about Reiki and how it might help them find some calm in a busy world"

Fiona Burford AoA_edited.jpg


Simon Gallagher
Commercial Director

Volker Rail logo.png

"I strongly recommend the sessions because they also promote a special unity between all participants, as the sessions are attended by colleagues from across the whole VolkerWessels UK Group of businesses"

Simon Gallagher Volker Rail_edited.jpg

Liz Frost
Deputy Editor

Natural Health Woman Magazine logo - worked with Reiki Chia

"I came away feeling somehow lighter and brighter and after the night's sleep in ages, I felt so much more energised the next day. Whatever magic this is, I'm a believer"


About Chia

My mission is to share the power of Reiki with the corporate world 

As well as being a Reiki Master Teacher, I have worked in high-pressured industries, including construction, professional services and finances. This includes VolkerFitzpatrick, the CIOB, KPMG and British Airways. 


My style is professional, yet calm and uplifting. I am a certified Reiki Healer Master Teacher, Accredited Meditation Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Writer. I have featured in UK national and international magazines, and spoken at conferences, as well as run workshops and classes for corporates. I also help highly driven professionals to get from anxious and fear to extraordinary confidence on stage for public speaking confidence, using hypnotherapy.

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