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Reiki with Chia

Reiki with me is different than going to a Reiki practitioner. It's not just a relaxing Reiki session. I work with clients that are looking to achieve an outcome, using Reiki, energy scanning and intuitive coaching. I have over 20 years experience in Reiki 

What happens in a Reiki session?

This video will take you through a Reiki Chia session:

1. Introduction

2. What happens in a Reiki session

3. What you may see or feel in a session

4. Reiki aftercare

5. Reiki Chia - how you can try Reiki

Would you like an Energy Reading?

If you are curious about energy or perhaps you feel energetically blocked and need a reset, you can book in for a Reiki session, which includes an energy reading and healing. To book, please scroll below for the booking calendar or drop me a message [WhatsApp]  or email at 

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