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Work with Chia

My name is Chia and I work with people that feel highly stressed, anxious, drained of energy and ready to make a change and feel positive again, through Reiki, hypnotherapy and transformational coaching. I specialise in anxiety in public speaking confidence and after divorces. 

Step into extraordinary confidence with Hypnotherapy and Reiki

I work with highly driven professionals to get from anxious, fear and panic to extraordinary confidence, using Hypnotherapy, Reiki and intuitive transformational coaching. 

If you would like to book a hypnotherapy session, please book a call with me here [Reiki Chia calendar]. We will talk through what your needs are and see how we can work together. After the initial chat, I will book you in for a consultation and we can book the hypnotherapy session. Depending on your needs, it can take around one to four sessions to get the results you are looking for. 

Would you like an Energy Reading?

If you are curious about energy or perhaps you feel energetically blocked and need a reset, you can book in for a Reiki session, which includes an energy reading and healing. To book, please drop me a message [WhatsApp]  or email at 

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