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Take Reiki to the next level
- Reiki Level 2

Imagine sending Reiki across the world whilst being in the comfort of your therapy room, with clients paying from all around the world. This is what you can do when you learn Reiki level 2, which is also known as the practitioner level. 

Whether you are looking to become a Reiki practitioner and start earning money from clients or not, Reiki level 2 will help you amplify the Reiki to heal yourself and others. You will be attuned to the 3 Reiki sacred symbols and be taken through how you can use it to heal traumas, clear negative energies and more. 

The next  in-person Reiki Level 2 - known as the Practitioner course - course is on Sunday 23 June 2024 in Colchester, Essex

- 10:30am to 4:30pm

What you will achieve

  • Be attuned to Reiki, Level II

  • You will be given 3 symbols to use in Reiki

  • To distance heal across time (past, present and future)

  • To distance heal across distance e.g. to friends/ clients across the World

  • To space clear using Reiki symbols

  • To complete Reiki Level II with certification

  • To learn about setting up your own Reiki Practice 

Reiki Chia - Reiki Level 1 - Reiki  healing others practice

Are you ready for Reiki level 2?

You have the strong desire to take your Reiki to the next level

You have practiced Reiki on yourself and others, and really got to connect and experience the Reiki

How do you want to learn Reiki?

You can learn Reiki in person or online, in a group setting or a one-to-one setting. Enrol on the course that suits you best. All formats will all give you the ability to be a confident and powerful healer and are certified by Reiki Chia. 


One-to-one with Chia (£499)

You can have a one-to-one in Colchester (or other location - email here for more details) with Chia, to ask as many questions as you want and have a day bespoke to you

IMG_2307 2.jpg

In person - £299

You can have a personal hands-on experience here, and get to receive Reiki as part of the course. Dates are:

  • Sunday 23 June 2024

  • Sunday 15 September

  • Saturday 30 Nov

Copy of Reiki Chia Level 1 Home Study Course-2.png

Online - home study - £149

If you like to learn online and at home, this course is for you. This course will launch in June 2024. Please sign up to the waiting list

If you still cannot decide which is the right format, for you, have a read of the blog - "What's the best way to learn Reiki?". If you are looking to learn Reiki with a group of friends/ family/ colleagues, or on a one-to-one basis, in your location, please book in a free chat or drop Chia an email here. 

Emma Olney, Colchester, UK

Superb course. Absolutely amazing :) I enjoyed every aspect of the day, particularly learning the Reiki symbols


My name is Chia

I have helped hundreds of students from around the world achieve their Reiki Level one confidently. Confidence, for me, is the number one key to my courses. The courses are designed to unlock your powerful, healing potential, learn more about Reiki and manage your energy to stop you feeling drained by others. If you are ready, book now [form].


If you would are still not sure about where to start, please book a free, friendly chat with me, and we can talk about your Reiki journey and next steps.

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