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Get ready for extraordinary confidence on stage

If you feel anxious and sick at the thought about public speaking, I can help you get from fear, dread and panic to extraordinary confidence on stage using hypnotherapy and Reiki

Claire's story

When Claire, Health & Safety manager, came to me, she told me how she suffered for over a decade with glossophobia. Glossophobia is a fear of speaking in public confidence and it is the UK's top three fear, with around 75% of Britons having it, with 15% having it extremely. Claire would feel pains in her chest whenever she thought about public speaking, and would struggle through it at her job. When she had enough, she contacted me. 

At her first session, Claire felt super relaxed as I got her to a state of hypnosis. This is where I can help re-programme your subconscious to breaking your fear and replacing it with confidence. After the session, I asked Claire how she felt about public speaking and she said she felt 'alright' followed by 'Chia, you are a miracle worker'. She couldn't believe that she was uttering those words because she really dreaded public speaking. Two months go by, and Claire drops me a message saying

This morning I got asked to do an induction and I wasn’t flustered and it went well I felt confident and felt I got the message across. Ordinarily I would have been a wreck but not this time. Thank you so much for helping me over come this fear and anxiety.'


Book a call with me

If you are ready to step into extraordinary confidence on stage, book a call with me and we can discuss your story and look at how we can work together. 

Working with me - the synergy of Hypnotherapy and Reiki

I am very passionate about public speaking, particularly when it comes to wellbeing. It wasn't always this way, as at school, I would never speak nor put up my hand. You can read my story on the Dharte Global website [The power of Reiki: self discovery and transformation]. After discovering Reiki and Hypnotherapy, I found its power and I use this when I work with highly driven professionals. It's usual to work with very confident clients, but when it comes to public speaking, they shut down - and this is where, hypnotherapy comes in to re-programme your subconscious and Reiki helps you get into a deeper relaxation. Book a call with me to find out how we can work together. 

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