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Reiki Level 1 (Usui method - certified)

Heal yourself and others with Reiki in just one day!

You are drawn to Reiki, you know you are here to help people and work on yourself. You have thinking about it for a while. You want to find something that can help you feel more energies and open you up more psychically. You need something that does not drain your energy. If you don't start Reiki now, you will keep waiting for the 'right time'.


Now, is the right time!

Choose your in-person course date in Colchester, Essex:

Complete your Reiki Level 1 online (certified):
Or, if you prefer to learn at home, in your own time, choose the online course. You can complete it in about 5 hours, or spread it over a few days or weeks. All you need is your laptop, internet and a person to practice on (in module 3).


Be that confident Reiki healer

In one day, you will leave feeling confident you can heal

Confidence is key in the Reiki Chia courses. You will learn all you need to know to start Reiki healing immediately, and be given the tools and techniques to heal yourself and friends, family, and even, pets!

Learn to stop yourself getting drained and repel negativity

Reiki Chia throat chakra.jpg

Unlock your healing power & heal your hurts, traumas and repeated patterns

How do you want to learn Reiki?

You can learn Reiki either in-person or online. In person will give you the hands-on experience, and this is the most popular course. However, if Colchester, Essex (UK) is too far or you prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home, you can learn online. If you can't decide, read my blog on which format is best for you to learn Reiki. 

In-person course

Online home-study course

Become certified in about 5 hours, which you can do at your own pace online. You will need someone to practice Reiki on. 

Course dates (10:30am to 4:30pm):

  • Saturday, 22 June

  • Sunday, 8 September

  • Sunday, 24 November

One-to-one (in-person/ online)

If you would like to learn one-to-one, this will give you an opportunity to ask questions and have personal guidance. You can request a few dates convenient for you

You will change the world

When you start to heal yourself, you start to raise your vibration. When you start to heal others, you start to raise their vibration, who will keep raising the vibration of this world. And, the world needs peace and healing, right now - more than ever!

What Reiki Chia students have to say:


Jacqui, Holistic therapist, Colchester

"Chia is an amazing teacher full of positive energy, I am so glad I picked her as my teacher.


I highly recommend anyone considering taking the reiki course to take it with Chia 😃"


Amy, Chemistry
Teacher, London

"Reiki Level 1 course with Chia - fantastic course! Even in a virtual setting Chia still manages to offer a warm and personal approach combined with a huge amount of experience and wisdom. Would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Reiki."


Alex, Kung fu master,

"Expertly guided through the process in a calm relaxed manner. I would highly recommend anyone interested in any kind of energy work to contact Chia and begin your journey with Reiki, you won't be disappointed."

Meet Chia, your Reiki Master teacher

Your confidence is key to me

I will make sure, personally, that you are confident healing with Reiki on yourself and others. I have over 14 years experience teaching Reiki and have taught hundreds of students from around the world. To ensure you keep up with your Reiki practice, you will be eligible to join the Reiki Chia's healing circle (monthly membership). 

If you are still not sure about doing the course, please book a free, friendly chat with me, where you can talk about your Reiki calling and ask questions, or send me an email at

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