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Reiki Level 1 - Reiki Chia Healers

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Have you got a calling to heal and to help others? Are you ready to heal yourself, others and feel good about helping the world?

Become a Reiki healer, where you can heal yourself, others and feel on top of the world, as your energy and psychic channels open up. If you have been drawn to Reiki, Reiki Level 1 is a great place to start. Previous Reiki experience is not needed.  This is also the first step to adding Reiki to your services or become a Reiki therapist. 

You will also get an opportunity to join a fantastic like-minded Reiki Chia healers group


Learn Reiki on Sunday 23 January 2023

10:30am - 4:30pm | Colchester, Essex, UK

Channel Reiki immediately

Reiki heal your friends and family - even your pets and plants!

Increase confidence and wisdom

Channel Reiki for life


  • You will be given the ability to channel Reiki for life

  • Reiki will open up your psychic channels and clear energy blockages

  • Your ability to sense others' energies will increase

  • You will learn more about your true self

  • You will be able to heal yourself, your friends, family and even pets

  • The Reiki Level 1 attunement 

  • To practice and get hands-on experience Reiki healing with personal guidance from Chia

  • The 3 Reiki Chia modules (Usui method): 

    • Reiki fundamentals

    • Reiki power-up

    • Reiki treatments on others


Learn Reiki Level 1 on Sunday 22 Jan '23

10:30am - 4:30pm | Colchester, Essex, UK

Support Group

You can join the

Reiki Healers Group

Once you are certified in Reiki Level 1, or have been attuned to this level, you can join the Reiki Healers group.


This beautiful, like-minded and fun group will motivate you to practice Reiki regularly, discuss learnings and you can share and add value to the group

What Reiki Chia students have to say


Google Review

"I did Reiki level 1 with Chia and found it a fascinating experience. Expertly guided through the process in a calm relaxed manner which included attunement by Chia and  practicing Reiki on a partner with surprising results!

I would highly recommend anyone interested in any kind of energy work to contact Chia and begin or continue your journey with Reiki you won't be disappointed."

Alex Papamichael, Kung Fu Master, London

Google Review

"Reiki Level 1 course with Chia - fantastic course! Even in a virtual setting Chia still manages to offer a warm and personal approach combined with a huge amount of experience and wisdom. Would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Reiki."

Amy Osmaston, Chemistry Teacher, London


What you will get

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  • The ability to channel Reiki for life

  • Certified Reiki Level1certificate

  • Reiki Chia Level 1 manual

  • Cheat sheets for full-body treatment on yourself and others

  • Digital version of certificate for social media

Your Reiki Empath Educator

I am an empath and work with beautiful people like you, who are empaths, intuitives and transformational coaches. I get that you want to be a Reiki healer to develop yourself more, help others and change the World. I am so excited and feel humbled to be part of your Reiki learning journey. 

I am here to help you, so if you have any questions, please do book a call with me or drop me an email at 

Chia Oh_290720_001-Edit-2.jpg

Chia is a powerful and intuitive Reiki Master that wants to get you to where you want to be through the power of Reiki


The content is the same as if you are on a face-to-face course with Reiki Chia

  • This online course is ideal for people living outside the UK or those prefer to learn Reiki online

  • It includes a powerful real-time distance attunement 

  • You will get to practice Reiki and get hands-on experience Reiki healing with personal guidance from Chia

  • Modules will be recorded, so you can catch up in your own time if necessary

  • The 3 Reiki Chia modules (Usui method): 

    • Reiki fundamentals

    • Reiki power-up

    • Reiki treatments on others

Online Meeting

Course coming in Spring 2023

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