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Affirmations you can use: 

I radiate happiness wherever I go

I choose happy thoughts

I attract positive and happy experiences and people

Colour to wear to activate your pleasure: Yellow

What a happy card to get

This will indicate you bring people happiness and more happiness will come your way. Any stresses you have had will melt away and you have nothing to worry about. You have a peaceful road ahead of you. Carry the card around to remind you to spread your happiness. 

The yellow colour is associated with our manipura (solar plexus chakra, also known as the power centre), which is our energy centre that is linked with our emotions, where we can feel stressed, joy or anger. 

If you feel the need to dominate others, like to blame, are fearful or suffer stomach problems, you may have an imbalanced solar plexus chakra. Working with Chia can help you clear these blockages. Feel your powerful and positive self again with Reiki Chia. Without change, things will remain the same.

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I am Chia, Director of Positive Energy

I work with people and companies to transform their positive energies, freeing them from negativity from others, to take their power back through Reiki, energy scanning and coaching. 

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Chia was absolutely brilliant. She instantly made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend giving Reiki a try with Chia"


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