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Hypnotherapy with Chia

When I work with hypnotherapy, I tend to blend it with Reiki, to create a synergy to get you into a deeper hypnosis for immediate and long-lasting results. 

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Reiki with results, using intuitive coaching and energy reading

This isn't your average Reiki session. All Reiki sessions with me come with intuitive coaching and an energy reading and can last between 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much you would like to share. I can read your chakras (your energy centres) to see what is going on in the body energetically, just using my hands. I can see how your energy flows, if there are imbalances and blockages and then will use the Reiki to balance the chakras that need work. This will lead to more balance in the body, and will help you get rid of stagnant/ old energies to bring more positivity into your life. You will have an initial consultation, where you can say as much or as little as you would like, and I will coach you intuitively to get you to what you want to achieve from the session. 

This is not your average Reiki session

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Rosalind Moody, 
Author & Soul & Spirit Editor

One of the best Reiki healers I've ever come across. Chia's guidance completely changed my outlook on the life I was living

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Andy Daish
Event Director of
New Forest Marathon

Every now and then you come across someone who has an exceptionally special gift, Chia is that person. Her Reiki sessions have helped me for many years, producing amazing results even if I have not been able to attend in person.


Marisa Matos
Director of Ultivita Health

Chia has great intuition and really understands energy. A session of Reiki with Chia was extremely relaxing and I could totally feel the energy moving through me. I cannot recommend Chia enough.

Reiki is a highly positive energy that works with you to get rid of stress, anxiety and brings you more positivity into your life

The VIP treatment for £125

In your Reiki sessions, I take my time with you and we have an initial consultation to get to know you and why you have come to Reiki. This will form a basis for the Reiki sessions and follow-ups, because we work to achieve your desired outcome - be it less stress, less anxiety, perhaps you want to feel more yourself.


In this video, I talk you through what happens in a Reiki Chia session, where I work with you to achieve your desired goals, using Reiki, intuitive coaching and reading your energy. 

1. Introduction

2. What happens in a Reiki session

3. What you may see or feel in a session

4. Reiki aftercare

5. Reiki Chia - how you can try Reiki

What I love about Reiki is that it can change your mindset to a more positive one. Things that would wind you up or frustrate you no longer bother you. That's the power of Reiki

Meet your Reiki Master

What do you want to achieve?

My name is Chia and I am a Reiki Master Teacher with over 20 years experience of Reiki. Reiki transformed my life and I want it to transform your life too. 

Reiki helped me find my voice, when I was 15 years old, and it had such a profound effect on me that I went from a quiet child to public speaking to audiences of 200 people at university. Reiki came in and out of my life when I needed it. It helped me with toxic relationships, traumatic break-ups and horrendous work situations. Read more about my story here


Now, I speak on stages and go into companies to speak about wellbeing, a topic close to my heart. I love to share the power of Reiki with people and companies, because I have seen miracles and transformations it brings. And, that's why I would love to work with you to achieve your desired outcome(s). What would you like to achieve from Reiki?

If you have any questions, please email me at or book a call with me. 

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