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If you are in a toxic situation or environment, black tourmaline is great for repelling negative energy. It protects you from people's negative energy and these 2 crystals can be carried around in your pocket. Small enough to fit inside your hand, when you are having conversations with toxic people. And, it's infused and programmed with Reiki by me, which is released every time you hold it. 


Great for times when you live with a negative person, or you have to work or visit negative friends, family members and colleagues. 


You will be sent 2 in the post - includes post and packing! 


Repel Negativity with 2 Reiki-infused Tourmaline Tumblers

  • When you receive your crystals, it is always a good idea to cleanse your crystal. Run it under cold water, and intend any other energies to be cleared. Then, place it outside for 24 hours to get the moon and sun rays to cleanse your crystal. 

    When you pick it up after 24 hours, thank the universe for cleansing your crystal and ask the crystals to be for your highest purpose and highest good. 

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