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Transform your business through the power of Reiki

If you are a professional that works with clients to achieve their work/ life goals, i.e. a coach, therapist, adding Reiki to your services can provide more value, depth and synergy to your client's experience, as well as an attractive additional revenue stream. 

add synergy & value to your clients' experience

By adding Reiki to your services can help clients to achieve their work/ life goals as well as balance their bodies on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

create an attractive additional income

With Reiki as a new addition to your repertoire of services, you can charge extra to your treatment or charge for a full treatment. Giving your client a programme can help to bring in regular income

join a supportive community

Whichever level you are, from newbie to Reiki Master, there is a group for you. This group will be for you to discuss learnings, share experiences and add value to other professionals and therapists.


By being your best, positive self allows you to attract wonderful clients, abundance and success

The Reiki Chia Programme for Professionals and Therapists

Unique. Transformational. Motivational

Learning Reiki is a journey and helps you develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Reiki Chia programme is with you every step of the way of your Reiki journey. Not only will you have the benefit of learning Reiki to add it to your services, you can join a group for professionals and therapists where you can share your experiences, best practice and add value to a like-minded community. With your business in mind, there will be free monthly webinars on how Reiki can transform your business and business topics, such as social media marketing, creating your vision for success and growing email lists - including guest speakers.

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