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Reiki Chia Healers Group

You have learnt Reiki and you are now looking for somewhere to practice. Or, you have learnt Reiki and you haven't practiced for a long time. You need the motivation, inspiration and community to help you along. The Reiki Chia Healers group is a great way to help you practice Reiki regularly, make friends, wake up the Reiki energy within and get to know yourself more 


8-week online course to start on Monday 28 March 2022 to 23 May (excluding bank holidays)

8 live lessons on Zoom and are recorded for you to keep

Group Meditation

Over 2 months, you will be: 

  • Practicing Reiki regularly on yourself

  • Getting deep into your Reiki practice

  • Exploring your chakras

  • Refreshing your Reiki Level 1 hand positions

  • Using the Usui Reiki techniques, including Reiki meditation

  • Supported by a positive Reiki Chia community 

  • Contribute and add value to the group with your wisdom


By the end of the course, you will feel more positive, your energy would have shifted to a higher vibration and  you will be more in tune with your chakras. 


Course runs from 28 March - 30 May 2022 

The group will meet live on Zoom on Mondays at 8:30pm (UK time) for an hour. If you cannot make that time, you can watch the recording and practice Reiki when you can. The course starts on Monday 21 March 2022 and runs until Monday 30 May (excludes bank holidays):

  • 28 March 

  • 4 April

  • 11 April

  • 25 April

  • 9 May

  • 16 May

  • 23 May

  • 30 May

All classes are recorded for you to keep, so that you can use the Reiki classes anytime you want. Also handy if you cannot make a certain date. This is a very powerful course. 


What happens in a Reiki Healers Group session?

Image by Charles Deluvio

You will be with a like-minded group of Reiki healers, already attuned to Reiki Level 1. We have a check-in with each other and discuss our Reiki practices for the week. It is a great time for you to share your experiences and inspire with your wisdom

  • There is a theme of the week

  • Time for self-healing practice led by intuition

  • Get deep with Reiki meditation

  • Open and discuss your intuition

  • Practice the Reiki techniques to open your energy channels and connection to wisdom

Is Reiki Healers for you?

The Reiki Healers group sounds like it would be great for you to do. Still not sure? Book in a call with Chia and we can work out whether Reiki Healers is good for you or how you will progress to Reiki Level 2

Chia Oh_290720_001-Edit-2.jpg

Chia is a powerful and intuitive Reiki Master that wants to get you to where you want to be through the power of Reiki

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