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Reiki with Chia


Are you not feeling yourself? Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious? You are looking to find yourself again? 

You are usually high performing and full of energy, but with a busy life, you don't feel like that anymore. You are feeling drained. To the outside world, you look like you're fine, but deep down, you feel disconnected from yourself. This can happen when work takes over your life, you're always giving to your partner and/or children or when you are in a draining relationship. I work with you to get you back to your positive self with more energy, using the power of Reiki

Why work with Chia

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I know what it feels like to feel disconnected from yourself, through work, draining relationships and parenthood. I have experienced it myself and I have also seen it in my clients. When you're always giving to your friends/ family, you can lose yourself, because there is only so much of 'you' you can give. 


Reiki is a way of helping you find your positive self again. It helps you deal with life in a more clear and focused way in everyday life. I work with clients that know instinctively they need a change and cannot continue the way they are.

When you get to a point where you are tired of being tired, you want to get back to your happy and positive self, it's time to make that change. Reiki can show you the way and reconnect with yourself, get you motivated to do the things you love and trusting your intuition, which is your life's guidance. Time to book a reiki session in - Click on the button below!


Ros, Soul & Spirit Editor

One of the best Reiki healers I've ever come across. Her guidance completely changed my outlook on the life I was living


Liz, Natural Health 

Chia was absolutely brilliant. She instantly made me feel at ease and I experienced lots of different colours and feelings during the experience. I would definitely recommend giving Reiki a try with Chia


Marisa, Ultiva Health Director

Chia has great intuition and really understands energy. A session of Reiki with Chia was extremely relaxing and I could totally feel the energy moving through me. I cannot recommend Chia enough.

Hear it from Reiki Chia's clients

What happens in a Reiki session with Chia

Reiki sessions are usually one hour long, with the initial visit lasting longer, depending on the consultation.

When you book in a Reiki session with me, you can receive reiki in person (in Colchester, Essex) or receive reiki online. I will scan your energy to look for blockages and it will guide me to where you need the most work on energetically. We will also have a consultation, where you can say as much or as little as you would like. After the Reiki session, I will ask you about your Reiki experience and feedback to you about energy, which will lead us to your next steps and how you can move forward to reconnecting with positive and happy self. 

Meet Reiki Chia

If you are still not sure whether Reiki is for you or not, please book in a free call with me by clicking on the button below. I love herbal tea, so we can have a drink and chat online. 

Chia Oh_290720_001-Edit-2.jpg

Chia is a powerful and intuitive Reiki Master that wants to get you to where you want to be through the power of Reiki

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