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Reiki Level 1 (Usui)

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Have you had your Reiki calling? You want to heal yourself? You also feel a deep calling to help people and change the world? Imagine being able to heal yourself and others just by your hands. You will be at a higher vibration because you see the world differently and give people peace. You will trust your intuition more, exude positive energy without feeling drained and open your psychic an energy channels. You can do this by learning Reiki, and once you do, opportunities will start to open up for you. In the Reiki Chia home study course, you will learn everything you would in a in-person course, from the origins of Mikao Usui, to the hand positions and techniques to self-heal with Reiki and give full-body treatments to your friends and family. You will have the option to be attuned on the course (included), or you can purchase a 121 personal online attunement with Chia (currently priced at £49)

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