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How long does it take to be a Reiki Master Teacher?

Becoming a Reiki master is a transformative journey that allows you to deeply understand what Reiki is and how you can start to master it for life. It is a lifelong learning journey and it opens up opportunities for you in your personal and work life. People aspire to be a Reiki Master to work deeply on themselves and/ or to teach others to learn Reiki. The journey to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher varies from individual to individual. With courses easily available and accessible, you could theoretically learn all 3 levels of Reiki in a week. However, I would not recommend this. Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher tends to take a few years.

Reiki is a mastery and a practice, it is one that you learn through experiencing the various levels. Generally, there are 4 levels:

1) Reiki Level 1 - beginners level - you can learn this within a day and will be able to heal yourself and others with Reiki (1 day course at Reiki Chia)

2) Reiki Level 2 - practitioner's level - you will be given the 3 sacred Reiki symbols to use to amplify the Reiki and be able to distance heal, over time and location (1 day course at Reiki Chia)

3) Reiki Level 3 - Reiki Master's level - you will learn to master Reiki and be given 4 more Reiki sacred symbols to use. You will also learn other techniques, including crystal grids and psychic surgery (4 day course at Reiki Chia)

4) Reiki Level 4 - Reiki Master Teacher's level - this takes you up a level to be able to teach and attune others to Reiki. This level is usually combined with level 3 and called 'Reiki Master Teacher' level (4 day course at Reiki Chia - this is a combination of level 3 and 4)

When looking to decide how long it will take you to be a Reiki Master Teacher, here's are some factors to take into consideration:

Recommended timings

When I learnt Reiki more than 20 years ago, it was recommended that you leave at least 6 months to a year between each level. This is a good guideline, as it allows you to experience the Reiki level for yourself. However, I believe your intuition rules above anything!


So, I think the most important factor is to allow your intuition to guide you when to progress to the next level. You will know when you are ready for the next level, just like you know you are ready to learn Reiki. This could be 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years - you decide.

Your practice

Each time you learn Reiki, you will be attuned to Reiki to that level. It is important for you to experience that level of Reiki by practicing your self-healing and treating others with Reiki. The more you practice, the more your energy channels will open, and you will become more powerful in your practice. If you practice frequently, you may want to progress to the next level quicker. I knew someone, who would practice at least one hour a day everyday, and by the time he came to Reiki Level 2, he was a powerful conduit for Reiki.

Choose the Reiki Master you are drawn to

The guidance and mentorship by an experience Reiki Master can greatly influence your learning journey. Choose a Reiki Master you are drawn to, again using your intuition. You would want someone you feel a connection with and feels right. Look at their experience, credentials and client/ student testimonials. Their social media and having a discovery call with them can also help to make up your mind.

"Your practice is as good as your teacher" - by Chia

Chia, as your Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki touched my life more than 30 years ago and I have been teaching hundreds of students around the world for the last 13 years. I work with kind and positive people, who get easily drained by others, and need to make those transformational shifts from themselves. I teach them energy management techniques to repel negativity and protect them from energy vampires. I teach the Usui Reiki method, the most traditional Reiki you can get. Many start here before moving onto other modalities. For me, I did my Reiki Level 1 course in 2004, Reiki Level 2 course in 2007 and Reiki Level 3 in 2010. It all came in divine timing.

My teaching style is easy to understand, very relaxed and I want you to become a powerful and confident healer, that you are.

Want me as your Reiki Master?

You can either book on the Reiki course direct on the website, or book a discovery call with me, to get you started on your exciting Reiki journey. You can also WhatsApp me on +447947497198 to ask any questions. Please remember to heart this blog below!

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