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A dream come true - exhibiting at the MBS Festival!

I have spent 4 days at the Mind Body Spirit festival 2024 over the May bank holiday, which has truly been the best 4 consecutive days of my working life! It was so intense and busy, yet so much fun, joy and laughter.

The MBS show has been going on for over 74 years and I visited it for my first time around 17 years ago. I was in such awe of the varied range of healers and psychics, I had a reading done and spiritual paintings, but I remember it being an intense and overwhelming energy. At the back of my mind, I thought it would be great if I was to exhibit there - bearing in mind, I didn't have a Reiki Chia business back then!

Fast forward to now, I was led here by Rosalind Moody, former Soul & Spirit editor and now really good friend. I won the pitch to have a speaker slot on the Midlife wisdom stage - sponsored by Holland & Barrett - and I thought if I'm going to exhibit, I'm going to have to do it now, rather that wait for that 'one day'. It's so easy to let time pass by and how all the stars were aligned for this show for me.

I had the best location for the Reiki Chia stall - the lighting was beautiful, I had an open corner stall, so people could see me from all angles, I had the 'Drum woman' opposite me whose drums had this soothing yet transforming effect on me and my customers, and I had wonderful stall neighbours around me, full of light and love.

Being the independent woman that I am, I thought I could do this on my own, perhaps with a little help. And, then I had Chet, intuitive healer, enter my life through Instagram offer his help, time and energy for the full 4 days on meeting him once. And, a good friend, Mark, who I hadn't seen for over 20 years come volunteer on my stand. My good friends, from London and Colchester, also came to visit me to show their support, which I deeply appreciated. We all had such a laugh too - there was a lot of laughter in these 4 days!

At the show, I bumped into former clients and people I met through Dharte, LinkedIn and social media! It was lovely to see Ros again, who's now written a book 'The Spark' - on sex, love and spirituality in a toxic dating world - how amazing is that, now available in Amazon! I highly recommend it, having been in that crazy dating world :)

Yes, this show helped me to promote Reiki Chia, offer Reiki 20-minute tasters and my Reiki courses, but it was so much more than than. It was the coming together of healers, with positivity and light, to work together and to raise the consciousness and vibration of the world, because, boy! does the world need it. The energy and excitement was huge to be part of something so BIG! I met some wonderful and kind-hearted souls, who I will keep in touch with, and got to shift people's energies and balance their chakras transforming their energy alignments.

The talk I did on the midlife wisdom stage worked out perfectly. I had the perfect time slot and spoke about how our energy starts to move up the chakras into our hearts and then gave the audience an experience of hypnotic reiki, where they learnt how to protect their energies and heal chakras themselves.

If you would like more information on would like me to do a talk for you, please contact me at For updates and news, sign up to the Reiki Chia community email newsletter!

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